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6 considerations for choosing roof top tents.

Roof tents have become common in foreign countries in recent years, but in fact, they have existed for decades.

It was originally loved by locals when it was born in Australia, and the idea at the time was just to keep those creepy reptiles from breaking into your tent when camping.

Of course, sleeping high in a roof top tent is also favored by many ground campers.

First, the advantages of roof tents:

  1. Simple opening and closing:

It’s designed for quick setup. Once in camp, you undo a few straps, open it up and deploy the poles and ladders.

  1. Strong structure:

Usually the tent base, tent fabric and pole materials are strong enough to withstand normal stormy weather.

  1. Good comfort:

Most roof top tents come with plush or foam mattresses.

  1. Camp anywhere:

Camp in campgrounds, parking lots, remote dirt roads, anywhere you can safely park your car.

  1. Keep away from the ground:

Keep your tent away from the ground and effectively avoid creeping creatures.

  1. Relatively flat:

The car is parked on a flat surface, as long as the wheels are stable, the roof tent is flat.

  1. Disadvantages of roof tents:
  2. High price:

Rooftop tents are much more expensive than camping tents.

  1. The resistance of the car increases when driving:

With a roof tent installed, the faster the car drives, the greater the drag and the higher the fuel consumption.

  1. It is more laborious to install on the roof:

The roof tent itself is heavy, and it is difficult for one person to install it properly. You also need to consider whether it matches with your roof rack and whether it is installed firmly.

  1. Disassembly trouble:

In the same way as installation, removing the roof top tent can be a chore when you’re done camping.

  1. Is your vehicle suitable for installing roof tents?
  2. The weight of most rooftop tents exceeds 50kg, which does not include the weight of the human body and some equipment when camping at night, so you need to ensure that the roof support is strong enough.

If you don’t already have a roof rack, then you’ll need to purchase a roof rack for your tent and load weight.

Verify that the static load capacity of the roof can support the weight of the tent, plus everyone in the tent and their sleeping gear.

  1. Roof rack compatibility:

Check the owner’s manual to make sure your roof bracket is perfectly compatible with the roof tent. (Some roof brackets cannot be installed with roof tents)

  1. If your vehicle is small, or you simply don’t know your roof size, the tent specs you need are not always easy to find.

You will need to contact your vehicle manufacturer and roof tent manufacturer directly for accurate information to determine if a roof tent is suitable for your vehicle.

  1. Six precautions for purchasing a roof tent:
  2. Roof rack load capacity:

One of the most important factors is determining which tent model is right for your roof rack load capacity, no set of sturdy roof racks would mind the option to install a roof tent.

  1. Accessories and awnings:

Some roof tents also include an additional extended living space coverage area, and some accessory tents or enclosures can be added later. It should be decided according to your actual needs and environmental requirements, and do not buy hastily.

  1. Durability:

Generally, the roof tents of regular manufacturers are very sturdy, and some brands offer super-sturdy models designed for long-distance travel in extreme climates, while some counterfeit products from small factories are not flattering.

  1. Soft top and hard top:

A soft-top roof tent will be more affordable, while a hard-top can provide more comprehensive protection when you drive and use it.

  1. Freight:

Buying in-store is easiest, but some models may only be available online.

Don’t forget that this is a heavy item and will be expensive to ship to your home.

  1. Try before you buy:

It’s best to drive your car and go to the store to check on the spot. Now there are too many models of cars, not every one can be installed and suitable for installation. Whether the tent is suitable for your model is very important.

Once the roof tent is installed, it’s a breeze once you’re in camp, but attaching the tent to the roof rack isn’t a simple process.

Carefully read and follow the installation instructions provided, and you will need a strong helper, as at least he will be needed to help you lift the tent onto the roof rack.

West Hiking®

West Hiking®

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