West Hiking®, focused on outdoor camp tent since 2008.

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West Hiking®️, focused on  Bell Teepee tent,Family Camp Tent,Canvas Safari Tent,Trailer Camp Tent,etc Since 2008.


About us/West Hiking story

Amazing story about Hiking camp tent

West Hiking, originated from Rainbow Textile, established in 2008, professional on the outdoor camp tents design and manufacturing for ten more years. always focused on the wide range of canvas& polyesters outdoor tents for family camping, such as the bell tent,safari tent,roof top tent,teepee tent,glamping tent,etc. Also the militarty tent for army shelter and relief tent hosiptal emergency. 

West Hiking always build our own dreams: where are the camping out, there are the Hiking tent there! 

West Hiking Factory

Factory tour

Now let’s see West Hiking factory brifely. The following photos are shown all different departments, just like our working office, production workshops. Welcome to visit us when you are in China. Then talk our business face to face! 

Hiking camp tent R/D&designing


HIKING camp tent workshop 2

HIKING Camp Tent workshop 3

HIING Camp Tent workshop 4

HIING Camp Tent workshop 5

factory manufacturinhg process

Welcome make a tour to our factory.

Welcome to China and Visit us! Let's talk business details face to face!

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