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hiking new canvas bell camp tent

Hiking Canvas Bell Camp Tent, created in this month by Hiking Camp Tent teamwork,

The 4-meter bell-shaped tent uses 100% cotton canvas, which advertises waterproof, mildew and UV resistance while maintaining the best breathability, but the overall weight is 30.8kg,  The cotton fabric is already very heavy. If it rains, the cotton fabric will absorb water, which will increase the overall weight. The first time you open the box, you will encounter a rainy day..

4m Canvas bell Camp tent:

Opening size:400x400x250x60cm
Packing size:96*30*30cm/30kgs
Fabric:280g cotton canvas;
FOB prices:$260-$280/pcs;
wood stove jack:$7.5/pcs;
MOQ:50 pcs;
Pole:upright column Φ32mm*1.2mm*250cmx1,door pole Φ19mm*1.0*155cmx1
Pls confirm above them.
Welcome inquiry us and custom made your own canvas bell camp tent.

But if it doesn’t rain or bugs, these are not problems. The important thing is that the bell-shaped tent is really super beautiful. If I choose it again, I will still buy this CanvasCamp 4-meter bell-shaped tent. I love taking pictures and sharing my camping. Fun campers, you can also consider the recommended styles this time!

West Hiking®

West Hiking®

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