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How to choose a camping tent?

Tent is the first piece of equipment many people go out for camping, but now there are so many types of outdoor tents on the market that it is dizzying. How to buy a tent?

  1. Tent style
  2. Triangular tents (herringbone tents): Triangular camping tents are mostly double-layered structures, with herringbone iron pipes used as brackets at the front and back, and a cross bar in the middle frame to support the inner tent and install the outer tent. Common.
  3. Dome tent: The dome-shaped camping tent is simple to erect, easy to carry, light in weight, suitable for general leisure travel, and is currently the most popular in the market.
  4. Hexagonal tent: It adopts three-pole or four-pole cross-support, and some adopts six-pole design, which pays attention to the stability of the tent and is a common style of “alpine” tent.
  5. Ridge tent: The shape is like an independent small tile house, the support is usually four corners and four columns, and a ridge-like structural roof is placed on it. This kind of tent is generally tall and heavy, and is suitable for motorists or relatively fixed field work camping. It is used, so it is also known as a car tent.
  6. Bottom tent: This style of tent is like a boat that is buckled upside down after being propped up. It can be divided into two-pole and three-pole different support methods. Generally, the middle is the bedroom, and the two ends are hall sheds. Windproof streamline is also one of the common tent styles.
  7. Tent capacity

If you buy a single tent, the width can generally be calculated as about 65cm. If it is used by 2 people, it needs at least 130cm in width. The length is generally not less than 2 meters, and the height can be selected as needed.

There is also a small tip here. If you are hiking with a backpack, choose a single or double tent that is easy to store and light. However, if you drive to the campsite by yourself, or bring children and pets, you can choose a larger size or a larger size according to your actual needs. For example, if two adults use it, you can choose a three-person account, which has a larger tent space and more space for activities. It is also relatively comfortable. If the space requirement is even greater, you can consider bringing the foyer or the canopy.

  1. Other parameters

(1) Waterproof

Waterproof outer tent and breathable inner tent are two essential points for a high-quality tent.

The most common tent coating is PU coating. The thickness and coating technology of PU coating determine the waterproofness of the fabric. The coating thickness is expressed in mm, indicating the static waterproof column height of the coating under laboratory conditions. The tents are generally made of breathable fabrics. The breathability of breathable fabrics is bidirectional. When the outside humidity is high, the moisture will also penetrate into the fabric.

Waterproof 300mm: generally used for beach tents/shade tents/cotton tents for drought and less rain
Waterproof 800mm-1200mm: conventional simple camping tents
Waterproof 1500mm-2000mm: General tents are rainproof above 1500mm water column, which can prevent moderate to heavy rain
Waterproof 3000-4000mm: can prevent continuous rainstorm

2) Pole and bottom tent

①The tent pole is the supporting frame of the tent, and the commonly used materials are glass fiber reinforced plastic and aluminum alloy. The wind resistance of tents is not only related to the texture diameter of the tent poles, but also to the number of sets of tent poles. Generally speaking, the more sets of tent poles, the better the wind resistance performance. For example, tents with 2 sets of ordinary aluminum poles can resist strong winds of about level 7-8; the wind resistance of 3 sets of aluminum poles is about level 9, and tents using 3-4 sets of 7075 aluminum poles can be used in blizzard environments of about level 11. .

The best poles right now are carbon poles, then aluminum, then fiberglass, and finally irons.

②The bottom of the account must be waterproof and durable. The commonly used materials for the bottom of the account are PE cloth and waterproof polyester cloth. PE tent bottom is used for middle and low-grade tents, and waterproof polyester cloth is used for middle and high-grade tents. PE is a polyethylene material, similar to low-grade snakeskin bags. The actual tent uses PE material with double-sided waterproof membrane, including a large number of export tents.

p.s. The bottom of the tent has to touch the ground and is easily scratched by foreign objects. Therefore, before setting up camp, it is best to clean the ground first, or lay the ground cloth on the ground as a protective layer before setting up the tent. The tent ground cloth is generally selected from 420D. Durable Oxford cloth.

West Hiking®

West Hiking®

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