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How to choose a suitable canopy for outdoor camping?

The most basic three types of large items in outdoor camping: tents, tables and chairs, and canopy. This is the basic guarantee for the camping atmosphere and experience. Today’s core is how to choose the canopy. The tent is a sleeping shelter, and the canopy is mainly to shelter from the wind. It is a shelter for activities, a living room, a reception area, and an activity area.

  1. Common canopy categories
    As usual, before we start, let’s take a look at what types of common canopies are:

Common canopy classification

Digression, the four-corner canopy in the above picture does not mean that there are only four corners (four fulcrums), it usually means that it is a rectangle or very close to a rectangle after it is unfolded.

Then we may see it more clearly from the perspective of the following sky curtain expansion diagram

Various types of sky screens

Second, the main points of sky curtain purchase

canopy categories shown 1
  1. The projection area, simply speaking, is how much area can be shaded and protected from rain. The ideal projection area is about 8-10 square meters. The most relevant projection area is the cloth surface area of ​​the canopy, but the more special-shaped canopy, the smaller the ratio of the effective shading area to the cloth surface area, all four corners and hexagons are the most effective structures.
  2. Wind resistance, that is, structural stability, is an important consideration. Outdoor weather changes frequently, and wind resistance is very important. To put it simply and rudely: when the construction level is up to the standard, the more wind ropes and the higher the strength of the support rod, the better the wind resistance.
  3. Portability, including weight, folded size (related to your trunk size), area, material and weight are directly related.
  4. Convenience, whether it is convenient to build, it is best to build it by one person (at the end of the article, I will talk about how to build a canopy by one person). Basically, the difficulty of building most canopies is not much different.
  5. Water resistance, needless to say, usually there is no problem with waterproofing, PU2000 and below are no problem; PU3000 is resistant to moderate rain and heavy rain, and PU3000 is enough for daily camping; to resist heavy rain, PU4000-PU5000 is required.
  6. Regarding coating / heatstroke prevention, heatstroke prevention is related to material and coating. In terms of cost performance, silver glue (coated with silver) is better than black glue. In terms of sun protection index, black glue is better than silver glue, but after all, few people are willing to work at 35 degrees. Camping under the scorching sun above, it is more recommended to apply silver.
  7. Size, it is not recommended to buy a size of 3*3 meters and below. The final impact of the size of the canopy is the projection area.
  8. The height of the support rod is recommended to be higher than 2.2 meters, which determines whether the waist rod can be straightened under the sky.

In addition, I want to use human words to explain what the parameters of 210D and 150T mean:

D and T are different units and have different meanings. D refers to the weight of the “yarn” raw material of a certain length (about 9,000 meters), and 210D means that the weight of the 9,000-meter yarn is 210g. It is simple and rough to understand the thickness of the raw material. The inferred result is that the larger the number, the rougher, more wear-resistant, and heavier (thicker) the fabric feels. To give an intuitive example, the fabric of the light and thin down jacket is about 25D, and the fabric of the computer bag is about 600D.

T refers to the number of “roots” in the sum of the warp and weft densities of the raw materials in a certain area. When D remains unchanged, it can be understood that the larger the number of T, the denser, tighter and more waterproof the fabric is.

  1. Common categories and differences analysis
  2. Four Corners Canopy
    The biggest advantage of the four-corner canopy is that it is well-organized, with a simple structure and convenient storage.

The four-cornered canopy has an alternative use: outdoor projector screen, the feeling of watching a blockbuster, deep camping friends can try it, this experience is too cool.

  1. Hexagonal canopy
    Compared with the four-corner canopy, the core difference of the hexagonal canopy is that the two points of the middle support pole are extended outward, because the middle support point is the highest place of the tent. We know that when the height of the tent is higher, it will be inclined due to rain. If it floats in or the sun shines obliquely, the effect of shading or rain protection may be reduced, because the part of the ground near the edge of the sky can not be effectively used, so the advantage of extending is to increase the effective use area.
  2. Other special-shaped canopies
    It is not recommended, the shape is cool, but the effective projection area is low, this is the biggest pit I have stepped on, and it is all tears.

For example, the triangular canopy below has a small shading area, because the three corners that seem to be very long are not effective shading areas at all; the wind resistance is poor, because it is not transparent and there are no symmetrical points to unload force, not to mention, this is what I have delivered tuition

Five, canopy construction tips

The construction of the canopy seems simple, but many times the little friends are in a hurry to build it. The following figure shows an example of building a hexagonal canopy by one person.

Qualification acceptance criteria for building a canopy:

  1. The distance between the two support rods at point A and point D is equal to the distance from the sky curtain A to D, and the top sky curtain is taut and straight;
  2. Point E, the ground nails of the wind rope at point E, the ground nails of the wind rope at point C and point C, these four points must be on a straight line;
  3. The ground nails of the wind rope at point F and point F, the ground nails of the wind rope at point B and point B, these four points should be on a straight line;
  4. All wind ropes must be taut and straight.

Even if it is built by one person, it is actually very simple to operate. Points A and D in the above picture are the points of the support rod, and BCEF is the point to attach the wind rope. The steps are as follows:

  1. First connect the wind rope at point B, lay the ground nails, and connect the wind rope to the ground nails;
  2. Insert the support rod into point A, put the bottom of the support rod in a suitable position, pay attention to control the distance, and let the wind rope and the sky curtain at point B be in a slightly loose state; the wind rope at point B and AD connecting line are at 45° angle.
  3. Connect point E with the second wind rope, tighten the wind rope, the wind rope at point E and AD connecting line form an angle of 45°, use the tension to make the support rod of point A stand up, pay attention to let A stand up before The top of the support rod at point is slightly inclined to the outside of the canopy, and the ground nails at point E are fixed.
  4. Connect the wind rope at point C, hit the ground nails, and make the space between C and E slightly tight
  5. Stand up the support rod at point D, and the bottom of the support rod is slightly inward.
  6. Connect the wind rope at point F, hit the ground nails, and make a straight line with the wind rope at point B
  7. Adjust the support rod at point D and the position of the wind rope at each corner so that the wind rope at each point is on the diagonal line with the diagonal wind rope.

Say the point:

The two wind ropes on the diagonal should be on a straight line, and the two wind ropes on the diagonal should be on a straight line;

In addition to the canopy, the following small things also need to be carried.

  1. “Electrical” series

Electrical appliances are an important condition for improving the quality of outdoor camping. Now, a large number of equipment uses electricity, and the power supply is the core. After all, we really don’t have mines at home. It’s a bit painful to buy thousands of outdoor power supplies. What are the alternative products? Moreover, if we don’t need 220v electrical appliances for outdoor use, it seems that outdoor power supply is really unnecessary. At least I have never used outdoor power supply in the past 10 years of camping experience, and I don’t feel it is inconvenient, because there are alternatives.

  1. Large capacity power bank

The power of the power bank has become larger and larger, and the power per unit volume is getting higher and higher.

Buy a large capacity, which is basically enough for a general camping family to travel for one night.

  1. Fan

When the weather is hot, this is a must-have item. It is rechargeable and has a capacity of 8000mAh. It can be used continuously for 24 hours on a single charge. The fan blades are detachable, remote control, 4-speed air supply, and weighs only 360g.

The use of outdoor ceiling fans is very simple. If it is under the canopy, just pull a rope and hang it directly on the top of the tent. If it is near the canopy pole, just use an S-shaped cross bar below.

This type of rail is very convenient for hanging camping lights and the like.

In addition, if you have children, it is recommended to buy the following small fans with hanging necks, and the comfort level will increase instantly.

If it is a little boy, there is no risk of hair being drawn in, it is recommended to buy the following one, which is cost-effective and can adjust the wind direction.

  1. Various lights

The first thing to recommend is the following USB light, with the large-capacity power bank mentioned above, which is invincible in practicability. There are also large-capacity power banks with lights, and the brightness is incomparable to this. And this small light can adjust the angle, the most important thing is the small size, which is too important for camping. A single lamp is enough for everyone to sit around a folding table and chat, laugh, and count the stars.

In addition to the appearance, it kills most camping lights in seconds.

Then there is the main light, not to mention the function, this is the core, there are two main requirements, one is bright enough and the other is durable enough.

Ambient light, if you want to be the brightest boy in the audience, look at this, there are various colors and shapes, it is recommended to buy a length of more than 5 meters, or two, if there are enough idle power banks, it is recommended to buy USB-powered ones , Because of low power consumption, it can be left on overnight.

Outdoor action, a strong light flashlight is a must-have. You always have to go out of the tent to go to the toilet. Not to mention the reason, you should always keep one in the glove box in the car.

  1. Other electrical appliances

First of all, we recommend the water pump, but it is too convenient. Go to the place that sells bottled water to buy a bucket of water and add a water pump. It is very convenient to use outdoor water.

I recommend this whenever you need to cook outdoors, at least you don’t have to buy a bucket for drinking water, it’s just too bulky.

  1. Anti-mosquito repellent series

Snake repellent powder, needless to say, you know.

  1. Tools
  2. Multifunctional engineer shovel

It is a must-have item. It can be used to level the camp when the outdoor site is uneven; it can be used to dig pits when building toilets; it can be used to dig roads when the car is trapped on the non-paved road; it can be used as a saw when wood is needed; it can be a hoe; It can be a shovel; it can be a knife; it can be a ruler; it can be a screwdriver; it can be a lighter; it can be a survival whistle. Do you feel like you have a toolbox that you can use to protect yourself when necessary?

  1. Disposable raincoat

High cost performance and low cost.

  1. List of camping equipment
    Directly above picture for reference

West Hiking®

West Hiking®

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