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How to choose a tent for outdoor camping in summer?

The weather is getting hotter and hotter. I believe that many people have the idea of ​​going camping in the wild. Since it is camping, how can there be less tents? Today we will talk about how to choose a suitable tent.

Before choosing a tent, we must first determine the number of users of the tent, and choose the appropriate tent according to the number of people. There are currently single, double, 3-4, 5-8, 11 and other different types of tents. The larger the tent, The larger the interior space, the better the living experience, so if you are driving and camping, it is definitely right to choose a larger tent.

The second is the choice of seasons. At present, there are summer tents, three-season tents, four-season tents, etc. The most popular one is three-season tents, which can be used in spring, summer, and autumn. Generally, three-season tents are equipped with mesh and windows. Mosquito repellant and good ventilation. Three-season tents are generally also protected against rain, strong winds, etc., and are still very practical.

Summer tents are generally relatively thin, suitable for weekend picnics in the city. They are relatively thin, because considering the use of the city, they are all thrown away, which is very convenient and does not require construction skills. Girls can camp alone.

Four-season tents can withstand strong winds and blizzards, and can be used in some harsh environments. Generally, most of them are designed in a circular shape, and the poles and fabrics are reinforced. In order to keep warm, the four-season tents generally have no doors and windows. If it is used in summer, it will be a little hot inside.

If you are driving and camping by yourself, it is recommended to choose a larger tent. If it is family camping, it is best to set up a tent, because it is spacious enough to stand and walk.

Dome tents are also a good choice for multi-person camping, they are good for strength and wind resistance, and are generally popular, but the round shape slightly reduces the available space inside the tent.

Tall people must consider the length of the tent when choosing a tent. If the length of the selected tent does not meet your height requirements, then I suggest you choose a large tent decisively.

When choosing a tent, we also need to consider the number and direction of tent doors. If there are enough doors, then when you go to the toilet at night, you can go in and out nearby without affecting other people. In addition, the sound of the tent zipper should be considered, not too noisy, and the zipper should be as smooth and durable as possible.

The pole selection, the pole is divided into automatic construction and manual construction, the automatic construction speed is faster, and girls can also use it easily. There are two types of manual construction: threading and hanging. In terms of speed, hanging the tent on the pole is faster than threading. For small tents, the standard configuration is 2 poles, but for large tents, there may be more poles. The fewer poles, the easier it is to build. The more poles, the more reliable the tent. In short, each has its own advantages.

Some tents have awnings in front of the door. This design is sometimes very useful. It can be used as a awning during the day, and shoes, socks, backpacks, etc. can be put under it at night.

The ventilation problem of the tent must be considered. The inner tent of the tent generally has mesh, which can increase the ventilation of the tent and prevent mosquitoes from entering. If it is summer, you can only use the inner tent and you can see the starry sky while lying down.

Try to bring a rain cloth and a canopy. Although the tent itself has a rainproof function, if you use a rain cloth or a canopy, you can ensure that the surrounding area of ​​the tent is dry. Even if you go out in rainy days, there will be a dry place. There is no rain cloth or canopy, so you can only hide in a tent in rainy days. And the shading effect is good during the day.

Finally, there is a ground cloth, which is usually laid under the tent, mainly to protect the tent. If the economic ability is good, you can prepare one. If the tent you bought is expensive, it is also recommended that you prepare one, because the ground Cloth can make your tent last longer.

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West Hiking®

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