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How to choose and buy the tent for outdoor camp?

If you like outdoor activities, you must be no stranger to outdoor tents. Outdoor tent is one of the important equipment for outdoor travel, whether it is field camping or hiking, it is inseparable from its presence.

There are many functions of outdoor tents. In addition to providing the most basic temporary accommodation, it can also play the role of preventing mosquito bites and temporarily sheltering from rain. The outdoor functions are really not to be underestimated.

Don’t look at the tent is not a new thing, but it is really not easy to choose a suitable one. The following are some knowledge and purchasing skills about outdoor tents, and interested friends can refer to them.

Outdoor tent composition
Outdoor tent classification
Outdoor tent buying skills
Precautions for the use of outdoor tents

  1. Composition of outdoor tents

The structure of the outdoor tent is actually very simple, and the two indispensable components are the fabric and the bracket.

The fabric of the outdoor tent can be divided into outer layer, bottom and inner layer. The most important thing for the outer layer material is waterproof. After all, it is very normal when it is wet or raining outdoors.

Generally, tents used on the beach are waterproof about 300MM, and ordinary camping tents are waterproof about 1000MM. If you like continuous travel or are not sure about the weather, you can choose a waterproof about 1500MM. If you are a professional, you can choose about 2500MM. Generally, The better the waterproof effect, the more expensive the price.

  1. Fabric

There are many PE bottom materials, and the thickness and warp and weft density directly determine its quality.
The most common internal materials are nylon and cotton, and the quality has a lot to do with density.

  1. Stand

There are many kinds of stent materials, among which elastic steel, fiberglass tube and aluminum alloy are the most common.
Most tents with elastic steel brackets are used by children, and some are beach tents, which are relatively cheap.
Fiberglass tubes are divided into various thicknesses, which are best chosen according to the specific conditions of the tent. Too thick or too thin is not acceptable.
Aluminum alloy brackets are relatively expensive. Most of the tents with this bracket are relatively light products, and they are not easy to be deformed when portable.

  1. Classification of outdoor tents
  2. According to the environment

According to the applicable environment, it can be divided into alpine tents and tourist tents.

  1. The selection of materials for alpine tents is more rigorous, and the production process is more complicated and the price is higher. In addition to the most basic temporary living, this type of tent is also wind and rain resistant, and is suitable for harsh environments. Many friends who like outdoor mountaineering will choose this type of tent.
  2. The price of tourist tents is relatively cheap. At the same time, its material selection will be worse than that of alpine tents. The production process is relatively simple, and it belongs to low-end tents. This type of tent is only suitable for camping or outings, not suitable for harsh environments.
  3. By season

According to the season, it can be divided into three-season tents and four-season tents.

  1. Three-season tents refer to tents suitable for the three seasons of spring, summer and autumn. Generally, it is enough for people who do not travel much. After all, there are not many people who like to set up tents outside in winter.
  2. Four-season tents refer to tents suitable for use in four seasons, and can also be used for camping in winter, which is better than three-season tents.
  3. According to the shape

According to the shape, it can be divided into triangular tents, dome tents, hexagonal tents, boat bottom tents and ridge tents.

  1. The bracket of the triangular tent is a herringbone iron tube, and there is a cross bar in the middle. The design is very simple and it is the most common type on the market in the past few years.
  2. The dome-shaped one is a bit like a yurt. It is cross-supported by double-pole supports. It is relatively easy to disassemble and install. It has been particularly popular in recent years.
  3. Hexagonal tents have three-pole cross-bracing and four-pole cross-bracing, and some hexagonal tents also use six-pole bracing. This kind of tent is relatively stable, and most of them are alpine tents.
  4. There are two-pole tents and three-pole tents. Most of them are designed with “two halls and one room”, with the bedroom in the middle and the hall on both sides.
  5. Most of the ridge-shaped tents are supported by four columns, which are a bit like small houses. They are large and bulky. If you are not an outdoor worker or use together, there is no need to choose this.
  6. Outdoor tent purchase skills
  7. Size

When purchasing an outdoor tent, you must be optimistic about the size of the tent. The number of people you want to live in, and the height and weight of the person living in the tent must be taken into account, so as not to choose a small product. If you like to put your luggage in the tent, it is recommended to choose a tent that is larger than the actual number of people living there. For example, if you live with two people and bring some luggage, it is best to choose a tent for 3-4 people. If you choose according to the number of people If so, there is no place for luggage in the tent.

  1. Weight

If you are hiking, it is best to choose a tent that is lighter, so as not to carry a lot of extra weight with it. If you are driving, it doesn’t matter if it is heavier. Anyway, there is a car pulling it!

  1. Tent Type

It is best to choose the type according to your own use environment. I wrote the specific type in the previous subtitle. It is recommended that friends who have not noticed it go back and watch it again!

  1. Tent price

If it is used for a long time, it is recommended to buy a more expensive, wear-resistant and practical product; if it is only used temporarily, it is better to choose a better one if the funds are sufficient, and if the funds are insufficient, you can choose a product with a lower price.

  1. Precautions for the use of outdoor tents
  2. The tent must be put on a relatively firm and hard ground, never put it on the riverbed, river bank, etc.
  3. When the tent is set up, it is best to face the south or southeast, and the entrance should be leeward.
  4. Don’t put the tent under the cliff, otherwise it is easy to cause the danger of falling rocks, and it will be troublesome if it is hit.
  5. If it is group camping, all tent doors should face the same direction, tents and tents cannot be next to each other, it is best to keep a distance of one meter or longer.
  6. It is best not to bring open flames into the tent. Many of the tents are made of pure cotton. If the fire is brought into the tent, it is very easy to ignite and cause accidents.

In addition, there are air mattresses and air beds for camping.

Double automatic inflatable cushion,
It can be used in multiple scenes, used with tents, used by guests at home, and used in the office. Five advantages: 1. Memory foam filling, comfortable thickness, 2. Anti-burst design, 3. Splicable design, 4. Large size, 5. One-piece pillow.

air bed

This is a multi-functional inflatable bed, small in size, easy to store, and can bear more than 800 pounds. Six advantages: 1. Ergonomic design, relax muscles and promote good sleep, 2. Thickened flocking fabric, waterproof and moisture-proof and easy to clean, 3. Three-in-one inflation valve, fast inflation and deflation, 4. High-frequency welding technology stitching , The interface is stable to increase the service life, 5. Strong bearing capacity, honeycomb structure, strong pressure resistance, 6. Three-section backrest, free disassembly according to needs, intimate and convenient. In addition, a dual-purpose electric pump for inflating and exhausting is presented.

The above tents and inflatable pads are all high-quality products. For friends who like outdoor sports, tents are indispensable and important partners. A good tent can greatly improve the living comfort and is very practical.

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West Hiking®

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