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How to Clean a Cotton Canvas Tent?

Cotton canvas is a natural material, and it will be damaged by mildew when stored when wet. If you store the cotton tent after the tent is exposed to rain or when dew drops in the early morning, please set up the tent immediately after you get home and let it dry completely before long-term storage. .

In climates with high humidity, extra care must be taken to prevent mold damage, mild mold can be cleaned with a diluted white vinegar solution (5 parts water to 1 part white vinegar)

Please pay attention to cleaning when saving (including tent poles)

Before long-term storage, please clean the dirt and other natural follow-up, please keep the poles, pegs and other accessories also clean. We strongly recommend the use of an additional waterproof floor cloth to extend the life of the tent tent and to help keep it clean.

Keep your zipper clean and occasionally use a zipper cleaner. The best way to clean a tent is to clean it with water and a soft brush and then let it dry. Do not use alkaline or harsh detergents to avoid damaging the tent’s water-repellent coating.

Balance of water resistance and breathability

Cotton Canvas Series The fabric used in tents and canopies, treated with a water repellent coating, cotton is designed to provide the best balance between water resistance and breathability to maintain comfort inside the tent. Cotton canvas fabrics are not “water-resistant” like plastic or synthetic materials. In very heavy rain, it is normal to experience a “fog” inside the tent due to hydrostatic pressure

Please keep away from open flames when using

The tent fabric is flammable, please pay attention to the distance between the open flame and the tent.

West Hiking®

West Hiking®

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