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How to clean and maintain the tent, how to deal with the tent after the rain, what to do if the tent is moldy?

Summer is also a very suitable season for camping. Even if the rain does not stop, it is difficult to stop the friends from wanting to run outside.

But there is an important problem. If the tent is dirty when camping on a sunny day, or in the rainy season, the tent that has been opened by the rain during camping may face the trouble of mildew if it is not cleaned properly.

Then, when encountering such weather, how to solve the problem of collection and cleaning step by step when the mood has been affected.

  1. How to clean a used tent

There are roughly two cases:

  1. The tent after use on a normal sunny day
    In this case, the tent only has the base fabric, and then the accessories are slightly dirty.

With a rag + decontamination supplies, a simple cleaning is enough, and then you can put it away and use it next time.

If you encounter a crowded place, for example, some people are obsessed with cleanliness, and you still feel a little entangled psychologically, you can use an appropriate amount of detergent to clean the tent as a whole, but the workload may still be a bit too much.

  1. The tent has experienced rain damage

(1) Drain the moisture outside the tent first

After the rain stops, put down the door curtain before closing the bill, and gently shake or tap the tent to let the water droplets on the surface roll down.

Alternatively, dab with a towel to absorb moisture, but try to avoid vigorous rubbing as it may damage the coating on the surface of the fabric.

(2) Pay attention to parts that are not easy to dry

Pay attention to the parts that are easy to absorb water such as windproof ropes and elastic bands, even if the tent itself is a quick-drying fabric,

However, once these parts are not air-dried in time, it is easy to cause mildew in the contact area with the tent after storage.

So make sure these areas are relatively dry before storing.

If the on-site weather conditions permit, the tent can be turned over and dried for a while before storage.

Be careful to spread the windproof rope, it is easier to dry.

(3) The parts other than the tent should also be dried

Sometimes it’s not because of rain, just wet weather can easily lead to condensation on the fabric, which also needs to be dried before storage.

(4) Go home and find a nearby open space

If the conditions of the camping site do not allow it, you can take all the equipment home after the camp is withdrawn.

Make reasonable use of the green belt downstairs in the residential area, or the nearby park, and try to avoid damaging the plants when drying.

(5) Set up a drying rack

When the weather conditions permit, you can use two canopy poles + windproof rope to build a simple drying rack directly on the site and hang it to dry.

(6) With the help of trees

If it is a woodland with trees around, you can also directly tie the four corners of the tent to the trees to increase the drying area.

(7) Set up the tent with a chair

The part in contact with the ground can be used to raise the tent with a chair to keep air circulation between the tent and the floor mat and speed up the drying.

(8) Take the tent out of the wet bag as soon as you get home

After returning home, find a well-ventilated location, spread a waterproof plastic sheet on the ground, take out the tent and spread it out to dry in the shade.

Don’t be afraid of being too tired when you come back from camping, because if the tent is moldy, the workload will become greater after that.

(9) Drying in the shade

Not very recommended, but you can do this if you really have no choice.

It takes about three days to dry the tent in the car, and it is easy to leave a little odor.

(10) Wipe off the stains and mud spots after drying

When the tent is nearly dry, it is necessary to remove the mud spots and stains left on the fabric,

You can use (outdoor fabric cleaner) such a detergent specifically for outdoor fabrics for local cleaning. Large-scale wiping may cause the waterproof layer of the tent to peel off. Similarly, remember not to throw the tent directly into the washing machine.

(11) Scrub accessories

In addition to the tent, the used metal accessories such as ground nails should also be wiped off the mud stains, and can be stored after drying.

(12) Properly store the tent

The correct storage method to prolong the life of the tent

01 Save after removing dirt
02 Store in a dry state
03 Avoid storing in damp places

Ultraviolet rays will accelerate the aging of tents, and moisture will cause mold growth. The ideal storage environment for tents is to satisfy the four conditions of “no direct sunlight”, “low humidity”, “good ventilation” and “constant temperature”.

  1. Solve the problem of mold in tents
how to clean and maintain the tent how to deal with the tent after the rain what to do if the tent is moldy 2

There are many different views on solving the mold problem in tents. There are professional detergents and home remedies such as white vinegar, but the relatively unified point is that most methods will clearly indicate that once mold occurs, it is impossible to completely remove 100%. .

method 1:–

Prepare items:

Mold Removal Spray + Gloves + Mask + Wipes

Lightly spray the moldy area 10-15cm apart and wait about 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, wipe gently with a damp cloth, then a dry cloth to remove any remaining spray.

When you spray a second time, the mold will melt away cleanly like this. have to be aware of is,

Don’t let the spray stay for a long time (about 10 minutes), it will cause discoloration of the tent if it stays too long.

how to clean and maintain the tent how to deal with the tent after the rain what to do if the tent is moldy 4

After cleaning is complete, place the tent in a ventilated location to dry, which will take a day or so.

Method 2: –

To get rid of mold, you can also add some mildew remover to warm water, and then soak the area that needs to be removed for a whole day.

Wait until the tent is thoroughly soaked, and then wash it with clean water, the black mold will disappear, but the color of the tent may change slightly because of this. If it is a cotton tent, the color may be more obvious, so think about it before you operate it. risks that will arise.

If the waterproof layer of the tent is damaged, it can be reinforced with waterproof spray after cleaning.

This operation is completely feasible for an entry-level and above, but if you are a novice, you may not master it well.

Some friends have gone to camp more than 20 times after doing this, and they have never had the trouble of moldy tents because of rain.

Before cleaning, there was also a situation that during the rainy season, it rained the first day and the next day was sunny, but the wet tent the night before was not dried by the sun, so such a mold was produced.

Some Luyou chose to use a mildew remover packaged in green, which is relatively soft, because he was worried about discoloration and tested it on the edge of the tent.

After cleaning, all the mold was gone after an hour in the sun.

Therefore, I suggest that before you are unsure of which remover to use, you can buy two or three, and find a less conspicuous area for testing. If you accidentally fade, you can save it.

Method 3: –

If your tent is moldy in the inner tent, although it is not as conspicuous as the outside, it will look uncomfortable.

Wearing rubber gloves, evenly spray the mold removal spray on the moldy area. Then wait another 10 minutes.. or so.

After 10 minutes, the black mold turned brown.

Spray on for 30 minutes, the brown mold marks are also fading

The final effect, the mold is almost invisible to the naked eye

  1. Suggestions for mildew removal, cleaning and maintenance of tents

I have a piece of advice for my friends:

That is, after each camping, the tent should be cleaned and tidy as soon as possible. This good habit is very important for camping.

As for me, it is because I think it is too troublesome to remove mold, so I dry the tent in time every time.

So, it’s a good thing to come back from camping and be diligent.

  1. Tent mildew cleaner

In addition, as for the cleaning agents for tents on the market, I took the time to recommend suitable cleaning supplies and cleaning agents for tent cleaning, and then update them after finishing them.

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