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How to test the camp tent?

Tent is one of the important equipment for your multi-day outdoor travel. The tents we review below are all traditional tents with tents. When choosing a tent, you need to consider your type of activity, whether you plan to travel lightly or increase the weight of your backpack for comfort. Traditional tents with enclosed spaces come in handy when you’re camping in a climate that’s variable. The gear is also well protected inside the tent, and of course it will keep you safe from mosquitoes.

The tents listed below are all traditional tents supported by tent poles. They are more comfortable than ultralight tents supported by trekking poles. These tents are not only suitable for multi-day journeys that rely on human power, such as long-distance travel. Cycling, heavy hiking, backcountry camping, kayaking, rafting, etc. It is also very suitable for self-driving camping. In that sense, they are a great value, a three-season tent that caters to every kind of activity. Types of trekking tents The two-person tents described below have basically similar features to the 3-4-person tent versions of the same type. As for double trekking tents, the number and position of doors are the most common design changes. Two-door tent: Best for comfort, large foyer space, and of course the heaviest, suitable for car camping and outdoor corruption routes.

Single Side Door Tent: Often the cheapest and least comfortable tent, Single Front Door Tent: The perfect balance of weight and comfort.

Evaluation criteria and weights We have selected seven indicators of livability, ease of construction, weather resistance, durability, adaptability, weight, and packing size to evaluate trekking tents.

No.1 ▎Easy to set up Most tents reviewed are self-supporting and they are easy to set up. Tunnel tents require some skill and experience, as they are similar to ultralight tents and require taut wind rope support. Tent with double pole cross design are easy to set up. You don’t think it’s easy to build a tent supported by a single pole. In bad weather, you should pay special attention to some construction details. Ease of erection is not a very important aspect for tents, so the rating for this aspect is weighted at 10%.

No.2 ▎ Livability This standard tests the comfort of the tent. The double-door tent can provide each person with a separate entrance and exit, so the comfort is better than that of the single-door tent. We mainly consider: 1. The design of the tent’s door and front hall, the material of the inner tent, the number and size of the storage bags in the tent 2. The height of the tent, the area of ​​the bottom of the tent and the area of ​​the entrance hall. 3. In addition to this, will entering the tent cause humidity inside the tent when it is raining? 4. Will a user with a height of 1.8 meters touch the inner tent when lying down and sitting up? 5. How effective is the outer tent in preventing rainwater from splashing into the inner tent?

No.3 ▎ Weather resistance This standard tests the protection of each tent against vertical and horizontal rainfall and the strength of the tent poles, which is very important in the event of strong winds. Other considerations: 1. The design of the tent pole, the diameter of the tent pole 2. The number of intersection points of the tent pole, the connection method of the inner and outer tents 3. The connection method of the outer tent and the tent pole, the quality level 4. The wind rope connection Quantity, has the greatest weather resistance thanks to its reinforced foyer zipper, tub bottom to prevent rain from splashing into the tent, and solid nylon fabric inner tent to keep out not only sand and snow but condensation from dripping in in the account.

No.4 ▎Adaptability 1. The choice of tent is related to the location and climate of use. 2. Sometimes it is pouring rain, sometimes accompanied by strong wind, 3. Sometimes it is sunny weather without wind but accompanied by annoying mosquitoes. 4. Having a tent with good adaptability means you can save money when you buy it, 5. You can save time and effort when camping in places with poor camping conditions. The double-layer tent supported by poles is slightly less adaptable, and the construction method does not change regardless of the camp and the weather. Ultralight tents are more adaptable to changing environments, but the choice of camp is very important for this type of tent. A tent that can be set up with only poles without using an inner tent. This is lighter, more comfortable and more stable than tents that can be quickly and lightly set up using ground cloth. This reduces the weight of your pack in good weather.

No.5 ▎Weight and Packing Dimensions The weight ranking is based on each tent with various accessories complete. Remember, the bag also has weight, so there is no need to carry it. Just put it in your backpack.

No.6 ▎ Durability This item is to test the service life of the tent. The score is related to the defects of the tent, the vulnerability of the components in use and the characteristics of the tent material. In general nylon fabrics are more durable than polyester fabrics. Silicone-coated fabrics are stronger than polyurethane-coated fabrics. Many of the light tents we tested were not designed for heavy use and damage. For example, almost half of these tents omit basic reinforcement points, such as adding a zipper in the hallway to reduce the tension on the zipper. Good durability reduces the risk of tent damage in remote areas and long trips.

West Hiking®

West Hiking®

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