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When you’re ready to spend the night in the wild, you can choose a tent, sleeping bag, tarpaulin, snow cave or shelter cabin. Tents are the most commonly used way, because it is easy to set up, can be rainproof, reuse, at the same time can be set up to any place, and wind, sun protection, there is enough space for climbers to place equipment. And for first-time outdoor friends, should first understand the types of tents, what kind of tents suitable for our current travel routes. Tent benchmark: We first to understand the product, what kind of tent is a good tent it is: space, function, weight, humanization, beautiful combination. Space: The width of the tent is based on a person’s shoulder width of about 50 cm to release a suitable proportion,

1) Double space 220cm x 135cm, height of about 105cm is a reasonable double account standard. Such a space will bring comfort to everyone, there will be no sense of oppression. There will also be plenty of room for camping supplies such as backpacks.

2) Function: The function of a tent is generally reflected in wind, rain and snow, anti-mosquito, ventilation, this is the basic function, with these basic functions, you can sleep in the outdoor peace of mind.

3) About weight: generally speaking, the base weight of a double account is about 2 kg, the single account is about 1.5 kg, such weight should already be in the acceptable range, of course, under the premise of ensuring function is becoming lighter and lighter is a trend, but some products in order to reflect very Light weight, with a caliber of about 7.5mm bar and very thin fabrics such as 15D specifications below the fabric, etc. , in reducing the weight at the same time destroyed the basic wind and wear performance, I personally think it is not desirable. Lightweight too much pursuit and blind obed obedion, but lost comfort and space. There are also some non-self-reliant products, but also the general junior mountain friends are difficult to control. For example, there are some products are non-closed single-layer accounts (such as single-storey A-tower, these products are mainly used to shield the rain from the wind to block the temporary use of ultraviolet rays, there are many mosquito ant rats outdoors, this kind of single-layer structure is difficult to prevent, so it is not recommended for junior mountain friends camping.

4) Tent humanization: What is humanized design: is to fully take into account the natural factors encountered by consumers in the process of use, such as: external accounts to take into account in the rainy season can be accessible and convenient door. The zipper position of the outer tent door should be at your touch. There is an expandable foyer, the foyer should have enough auxiliary space for equipment, vents as far as possible to do opposite design, so that air reflow, vent location to try to be high, cold air will be our breathing and the body produces heat evaporation up so that these hot air will be successfully evaporated, reduce condensate and reduce frost phenomenon. Also improve some small details, such as storage bags, lamp hanging points and so on… The best design of the outer account should be protruding, which will facilitate the smooth watering of the top, the seams of the outer account should be fastened to the skeleton. In this way, it can be a good reflection of the plate state of a tent.

The type of tent.

Alpine accounts.

Mainly functionally reflected in the wind resistance, wind resistance mainly by the bracket to reflect, the use of multi-bar cross-structure, the formation of rod and rod auxiliary force to achieve the best wind resistance, of course, the disadvantages of this structure is beyond the abnormal weight, so this kind of equipment is very targeted, generally for professional explorers, the mountain account also has a main function is to keep warm, the current warm inside the fabric is a layer of resin-type slurry, this kind of fabric is a layer of heating.

Four seasons.

Four seasons account as the name implies, for those who are extremely passionate about camping consumer design, and the mountain account is different from it may not have a strong wind resistance, but there is a good ventilation and ventilation function, relative to the light weight of the mountain account, can take into account the spring, summer, autumn and winter, generally this kind of products have double-layered large doors, one layer is the use of mesh for three seasons ventilation, one layer is breathable cloth used for winter heating, this structure is the biggest feature of the four-season account.

Three-quarter accounts.

Designed for spring, summer and autumn, it is the dominant product in the global tent market, as the three-season account occupies the main camping season for ordinary consumers and is one of the most abundant product lines of major brands. In china’s southern region, a good three-season account can even cope with a basic mountain friend a year’s basic camping needs, this function of the tent is mainly for its ventilation to do articles, especially at night camping in the southern region, the human body itself will release a lot of heat and breathing gas, in rainy weather atmospheric pressure is very low, these human body released gas will encounter the temperature difference of the outer account will form conditions reflect, the formation of condensate attached to the outer account. This can be the spatial circulation of external accounts is very important, the three-quarter account of the external account cloth general waterproof index between 1500mm to 2000mm, this cloth for the general precipitation is more than enough. At present, the European and American markets in order to save as much as possible costs, now more and more three – quarter accounts are designed to account for the whole network structure. The external account does not even have vents, but the use of the external account and the internal account fully isolated to increase ventilation.

Family accounts.

At present in Europe and the United States and Japan and South Korea such self – driving tents are very popular. This tent space is large, the design generally has the main hall and bedroom composition, is a good family gathering equipment.

Spire tent space is more limited, but very fun, such as pyramid structure, the shape of the wind pull, the user has certain technical requirements, but also through the auxiliary wind rope to enhance its wind resistance, but because he has a certain line design, wind resistance performance if the foundation is more balanced, wind resistance is better than some cross-over tents.

Tunnel account.

In fact, the Eurotunnel account is the most respected, we have mastered its construction skills will be fascinated by it, because it has perfect space, excellent wind resistance, large foyer, tunnel account page hanging and outer cover two structures, especially the inner wall can let you in the harsh environment quickly build, and can avoid being embarrassed by the rain-soaked equipment. HERrabAGE, a Swedish brand from northern Europe, is a classic interpreter of this tent. This brand product update is not very prominent, but the style is very strict and demanding, their pursuit of details is not possible for many brands, their double-sided silicone fabric even reached more than a dozen kilograms of resistance. Ordinary double silicon fabric is only about 8 kg, the tunnel account support method is actually very simple, choose the soft ground can be the best, first pull up the angle of symmetrical four corners, and then fix the rest of the fixed point, in the hard ground can not be under the ground can also be fixed with stones, sandbags and so on. Domestic currently for this kind of technical equipment is not enough recognition, so it requires practitioners to pay a lot of patience.

About the structure of the tent.

Dome (DOME), Spire (A Tower) Tunnel (TUNNEL) Frog. Dome account we generally call self-reliance tents, we see the most common is cross, this tent is simple to build, good space, is ideal for junior mountain friends, this kind of tent wind resistance may be worse, because his wind face is equal, the individual tent does not have a good support point, can only rely on wind rope and cloth pull to balance.

What are the shopping considerations?

The choice of tents is based on your own uses, such as summer, non-snow, snow or four seasons, the number of people the tent can accommodate, the space you want to own, the weight of the tent, the price you can accept, etc. Manufacturers offer a wide range of different sizes, weights and designs to choose from as needed.

Whether the tent is single or double-layered, it is important to understand the water resistance and breathable of the cloth, if completely waterproof, moisture will condense in the inner tent caused by the bottom of the small puddle, these moisture is the climber exhalation, and it may also be wet sleeping bag.

Cheap single-storey tents can only be used in sites at the lower forest limits, and must be fairly ventilated, as single-storey tents are completely waterproof and breathable. So it’s best to choose a two-tiered one.

Different tent designs have different support levels, and when buying, you have to consider your own use, especially during the snow season.

Lightweight tents should be spacious and sturdy enough to meet special needs.

Generally two-person account is the most commonly used tent, because it is easy to carry, easy to find camps, and three people or a single person can live.

The color of the tent is best chosen in warm colors such as yellow, orange or red. When you’re trapped, your conspicuous color is easy to spot.

PS: Cooking should be avoided in tents, especially with gasoline stoves. The furnaces have a irritating smell, spill fuel oil, and firepower is out of control, which is a latent crisis. Especially in the waterproof nylon cloth tent cooking often has a kind of suffocating feeling, cooking will also cause the internal account to condense a lot of small water droplets, if there is a real need to cook in the tent, it is best to do between the well-ventilated inside and outside the account.

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