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The Common tent use, cleaning, maintenance, storage tips.

Camping is a classic outdoor sport that people love. Setting up a tent is like moving your home to nature, it will protect you and your family from the wind, rain and cold. With the development and application of new technologies and new fabrics, tents are becoming more and more lightweight, comfortable and durable.

the common tent use cleaning maintenance storage tips. 1

So, how long does a good tent last? If you use it properly, maintain it properly, and take care of it, it can stay with you for many years of great camping. This article will introduce you to the use, care and maintenance of tents.

  1. Camp
    First choose a flat ground, remove the branches, stones and sundries that may pierce the tent, and then lay a tarpaulin or plastic sheet on which to set up the tent, which can protect the tent from the moisture on the ground.

Master the correct construction method and use the tent poles correctly; if it is a manual tent, it is generally equipped with tent poles connected by elastic ropes. Be careful not to pull the elastic ropes, bend or step on the tent poles vigorously. Build the tent in the way indicated in the manual; if the tent is set up automatically, it must be built according to the requirements of the manual, and you cannot use strong pulling or bending of the tent pole.

  1. Camping

Setting up the tent under the shade of a tree can reduce the temperature inside the tent and protect the tent fabric from UV rays.
When pulling the zipper of the tent with one hand, sometimes the zipper does not slide smoothly, do not try to pull them hard, as this may tear the fabric; use one hand to hold the zipper track and pull with the other hand Try again.
Keep shoes and other dirty gear outside the tent; check inside the tent for sharp objects to prevent them from scratching the tent.
Store food outside the tent to prevent ants or certain small animals.
If you’re camping with your dog, it’s not a good idea to leave your dog alone in the tent, as their teeth and claws will likely rip through the tent.

  1. Camp

How to properly remove the tent?

The first thing is to shake off everything in the tent, such as dirt, debris, etc.;
Dry the outer tent and inner tent; when disassembling the tent pole from the tent pole cover, pay attention to pushing it in instead of pulling it. Pulling will separate the two tent poles that are engaged, and may break the elastic rope;
Dry the tent poles (especially the four ends), the ground pegs, the soil contaminated by the bottom of the tent, and the outer tent and inner tent (please roll it up instead of stuffing it, put the pole and ground peg in the middle, and roll it up) ) together in the outer bag.

  1. Cleaning

Choose a cool, ventilated and flat place, spread a thin layer of plastic sheeting, and set up a tent on it.
Open the inner tent first, check whether there are uncleaned small bugs or sand and grass clippings inside and outside the inner tent, and clean it.
Put on the tent, and use a small brush dipped in clean water to wipe off the snow, rain, and mud stains on the tent. Spray a waterproofing spray on the outside tent. (If the tent is of the type that the outer tent is set up first, the outer tent and the inner tent can be set up first, and then the above cleaning work can be carried out)

the common tent use cleaning maintenance storage tips. 2

After the tent is fully dry, put away the inner tent and the outer tent, put the ground nails and tent poles in the outer bag in turn; roll up the windproof rope neatly and put it in the outer bag, and store it in a cool and ventilated place.
To clean the tent, use mild soap or a special tent cleaner to remove stubborn stains. But try not to use products containing detergents or detergents, which will damage the waterproofness of the tent.

  1. Repair

Introducing some simple and useful tent repair tips:
Holes: Can be repaired using the patch kit that comes with the tent. First remove the dust or dirt around the hole, apply adhesive around the hole, then stick the repair cloth on it, and let it dry for a few minutes.
Outer tent tear: waterproof tape may be used. On the outside surface of the tent, align the torn edges as evenly as possible and tape them over. Then, apply silicone sealant on the inside and let it cure for 10 to 12 hours.
Cracks at the seams: The seams that experience the most stress are also where cracks occur most often.
Generally, there are three ways:

Use waterproof tape for quick fixes.
You can also choose to sew on your own: use needle and thread to sew in the original way to ensure sufficient strength, and then apply sealant and waterproof repair agent to the stitches.
You can also find a professional tent repair shop for repair.
Cracked, shattered or broken tent poles:
Strong winds or improper use can cause poles to crack, shatter, or break, so it’s important to know how to develop an effective solution.

The preferred solution is to use the tent poles included in the tent for replacement, or you can purchase tent accessories separately;
If the pole is bent, find a branch or thin wooden stick through the pole and press it lightly with a stone to restore it to its original shape;
If the tent pole is short into two parts, you can use the same method to insert a branch or thin wooden stick into it, round the broken tent pole from flat, and wrap the tape on the outside to fix it.

  1. Storage

The best way to store your tent for long periods of time is in a looser bag, as storing it in a compact outer bag may stress the material; a cool, dry and ventilated place is better.

The tent can provide us with a warm shelter and accompany us to spend a happy camping time. Take care of your tent and it will give you a good night’s sleep, fresh air and a good time.

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