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About the trailer car roof camp tent

trailor camp tent models

In fact, whether it is a roof tent or a ground tent, there is only one purpose, which is to help us sleep outdoors. Let’s talk about the advantages of roof tents. There are soft shells and hard shells for roof tents. They are generally installed in In the roof position, the roof tent generally weighs about 55kg, so once it is installed on the roof, it is not so easy to remove it.

The roof tent is equivalent to fixing the tent on the roof of the car, which is very convenient to use. In addition, the roof tent has a certain distance from the ground, which is safer in the wild, and the moisture-proof effect is much better than that of the ground tent. When driving by yourself, if you encounter heavy rain in the middle, then the roof tent has a great advantage. As long as the vehicle is parked, you can sleep with the roof tent. In addition to parking the car on the ground, you should also consider setting up a tent. On the ground, remember that in some places you can only park without tent camps, which is very painful, and it is very painful to set up ground tents in heavy rain.We also have to consider a situation, that is, rainstorms, and there will be water accumulation in some places. Unless you have a roof tent, you can only sleep in the car, because there is definitely no way to set up a tent in the water. There is also gravel ground, grass, etc., and it is impossible to build a ground tent.

The position where the roof tent and the car body are connected must use the best crossbar. It is recommended to use a heavy-duty crossbar, especially when the off-road vehicle is driving in the mountains, the vehicle is bumpy, and the tent and the connection position will produce greater pulling force.

There are also some disadvantages of roof tents. For example, after the roof tent is added to the roof tent, the car body will become higher. We need to consider the height limit of the lower basement or some special road sections. In addition, after installing the roof tent, there will be slight wind noise on the highway, and it will be relatively troublesome to clean.

So should we buy a roof top tent?

In fact, roof tents are not cheap. Most of the roof tents on the market range from 850 to 2500. Roof tents are indeed very convenient, but they can only be used with the car, and it is not easy to disassemble once installed, so , how to choose, still depends on your own preferences. If you are a pure self-driving travel enthusiast, then I recommend buying it.

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