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What equipment to prepare for kids outdoor camping?

Some time ago, I discovered that the park near my home has gradually become popular for lawn camping. There are couples, a family with a baby, and a group of friends. I took a photo and showed it to everyone~

The place is very big, I didn’t take the whole picture, there are many children in it with their parents, running, flying kites, throwing Frisbees, playing badminton, football, picnics, and driving a go-kart. I think this go-kart that I bought is very interesting. Looking for a kart venue hahaha, you can play on the grass~

They have a lot of people, so they set up a canopy to have a barbecue. I think it is very suitable for a large family~

When I say camping, I mean camping during the day. If you stay overnight, you can move to other places.

I come to camp to relax, and to have a good place to bring my baby.

A list of entry-level equipment


Since you are here for camping, tents must be standard. There is not much to say about tents.

However, it is very difficult to see a lot of people playing tents, especially girls. As a hemp that is not very strong, the spring-loaded tent that is free to set up is invincible and friendly. It takes 3 seconds to open and form, so you don’t have to worry about not setting up a tent anymore. ~

The construction is very simple, first unfold the four corners, grasp it firmly and lift it up, and then prop it up, which is very convenient! To disassemble, press down on the short lever, and then put it away! One person can easily and quickly set up the tent, and it is easy to put away. It can be completed by one person, and it is not heavy. You can take it with you when you take your baby out to play, which is very convenient.

Moisture pad

It is humid outdoors. I recommend at least 2 moisture-proof pads, one under the tent and one at the tent opening.

Moisture-proof pads are easy to be scratched and torn. After all, they are placed on the outdoor grass and are consumables. Just buy cheap ones, and buy them if they are broken.

So you can buy more spares

If you put it under the tent, you can use an air mattress, or you can put a cushion directly. The aluminum foil cushion is ok, and the suede is not easy to stick to dirty things outdoors, and it is inconvenient to scrub~

If you put it at the entrance of the tent, you also need to consider the appearance, hahaha, children also like those with high appearance.

Let me share a cushion that I like very much. It is like a small bag when put away. It is a cushion when unfolded. I think it is very convenient to store. You can also use it according to your own preferences.

folding table and chair

Although it is ok to sit directly on the mat, but if you want to eat and drink more comfortably, put a cup to be stable, and a table is still necessary.

If you are going to camp outdoors, if it is not for the folding table and chairs, it will take up a lot of space, whether you are driving an SUV or your home is nearby, it is not very convenient.

If you have this part at home, just bring it with you, if you don’t have it, you can consider adding a set

If you are going to sit on a cushion, just buy a folding table. There is a Japanese folding table that folds very lightly. It is very easy to use and sells very well. can be easily lifted

It can also store small things inside, which is suitable for outdoor friendly~

The key is to find a bunch of folding tables, this one looks good, the children like it very much~

It can be used at home, for example, it can be used on the bed as a bed table, on tatami mats, and by the floor-to-ceiling windows.

I think a small table is enough. I see a lot of people recommend the egg roll table. To be honest, it looks good, but the solid wood is too heavy. I feel too tired to move around. It is already very hard to bring a baby. I’m tired, I don’t want to burden myself any more~

Some friends also like to bring folding chairs, it is very comfortable to lie down and bask in the sun

There is a folding chair that my friend recommended to me many times. He said that every time they bring this chair for camping, they are always rushing to sit. . . Just share it here with everyone, if you like it~


Every time I go camping, to be honest, I never envy other people’s tents, but the hammocks of other people’s homes. Every time I see it, I feel itchy, like I’m playing a game myself. I am relatively light, not to mention my baby, but my husband is heavier. Everyone in our family likes to play with hammocks, so the load-bearing must be ok

So I chose this one. It can bear 600 jins, and the two people will increase and thicken it. Hahaha, big fat people don’t have to worry about it:

It is very light and easy to store. When you go out to play, you can bring it to the trunk of the car at any time, take it out and tie it to the tree!

Put it on the balcony at home and swing on the swing~~

camp car

I think this is a must-have. If you have a lot of things, or come by car, there is a camp car that can carry all the luggage, including tents, tables and chairs, and then push it to the destination to avoid running back and forth. The pain of N trips. . .

And it can also be used to carry babies, hahaha, you don’t need to bring a stroller ~ kill two birds with one stone

The cover on the camper van can be used as a small table, or it can be used as a storage table. . .

I’ve seen them using Noke’s camp van several times. They can’t help it. They can store, play with children, carry dogs, and use them as tables. This kind of multi-functional small object is most needed outdoors. ~

Second, it is necessary to bring a baby! ! !

This part is for parents and mothers who are also camping with babies. If you don’t have this requirement, just skip it~

Children’s sun hat

A few days ago, when it was summer all night, I still took my baby for a walk around, but when I got home, I found that my baby was sunburned a lot. . . Get your sun hat ready now~

I bought three kinds of children’s sun protection caps. The first one was a peaked cap. My family’s hat was always too hot, so I stopped wearing it for a while. Because I bought an empty top hat for myself, I thought it was very easy to use, so I bought an empty top hat for my baby. The empty top hat is very cool. I am not afraid that the baby will not like it.

I also bought a children’s beach bucket hat, which has a particularly good shading effect.

Children’s Thermos Cup/Water Cup

The weather is hot and cold, and you must bring a thermos~

If you go out for a long time, you must bring snacks. In case the baby is hungry, the park may not be able to find food for the baby immediately, so water and snacks are must-haves.

If I’m going to go out for an hour or two, or stay out for half a day, I’m habitually bringing something to eat.

Prepared for the baby ~ but I also love to eat, hahaha

mummy bag

I put all the things the baby needs in the mommy bag with me. After all, it takes half a day and a day for outdoor camping. After a long time, I have to bring everything.

Presumably Mama have developed a habit of going out, and of course camping is the same, no need to say more

I think the mummy bag of vegiebag is very easy to use. The layered design, diapers, feeding bottles, paper towels, etc., are inserted vertically, and it is very convenient to take out. It is not like single-layer bags. Things are messed up in the bag, and I can’t find it when I’m looking for it in a hurry~

The capacity is super large, and the external bag is very intimate. It is very convenient to put a thermos cup, wet wipes, etc.

I really love this mommy bag

Three, have fun! ! !

Going out to camp is for the pleasure of the mood, for the fun, just sitting is quite boring, the more things to eat, drink, play and have fun, the better~ Here I will share with you some of the things I have seen and played, which are especially suitable for playing while camping. ~

I won’t talk about some things that can be played at ordinary times, such as badminton, football, etc., just bring it with you at home

Now that you are outdoors, you can play some things that cannot be used at home, such as frisbees, kites, go-karts, etc.


A soft Frisbee that is especially suitable for playing with children, parent-child interaction can also bring children to exercise together

Don’t underestimate such a small Frisbee. It is easy for children to play. They can run for a long time and fall asleep easily at night. It is really a good helper for children’s sports.


Of course boys want to play ball~ If you run well and go home, you won’t be making a fuss.

When we have the opportunity, we will take the baby out for a run, play football, fly a kite and so on.

children’s go-kart

The first time I saw my friends and children playing Xiaomi’s Ninebot kart, I was amazed

The beauty alone makes me unable to move, and I am instantly planted

After someone bought this kart for their son, the real sigh:

With this, there are more outdoor activities. I used to only play with ipads at home, and I was lazy. Now, my little friends go out to play in the community. It is a community where people and vehicles are separated. Therefore, as long as children are willing to play outside, it is better than playing at home. I am so much happier with the game!
In order to let my child have more outdoor activities and gradually get rid of internet addiction and game addiction, I will buy him a kart kit. This kit has a very good texture and good quality! This is very stable after adding the balance car! Playability has increased a lot!
It’s a pity for the hearts of parents in the world~ There is no reason not to buy

Adults and children can play, and it is a lot of fun in an instant.

Fourth, the sense of atmosphere

Only music and food can’t live up to it~

Those who know guitar can bring guitars, those who know African drums can bring drums, I just love listening to music, the atmosphere of the whole family is super good~

Five, equipment upgrade list

When upgrading camping equipment, I think it is more important to meet individual needs. To see what kind of atmosphere you prefer, you can add some small items.

Outdoor power

If you are traveling by car:

Self-driving wild camping artifact – outdoor power supply.

Bringing an outdoor power supply with suitable power really saves a lot of trouble, especially when camping in some forests, tidal flats, and grasslands, try not to use open flames, it is more dangerous, many places explicitly prohibit the use of open flames, you can use outdoor power + Electric cooker to cook and boil water.

It can also replace the generator to provide power for power tools. Although many outdoor operations are now equipped with rechargeable power tools, from my own personal experience, often the workload of a day is down, even with a few more batteries.

at this time, you can use the outdoor power supply to replenish the battery, and the general outdoor power supply can charge several batteries at the same time, which is very convenient to use.

Solve the camera, drone power supply, you can also boil hot water and watch movies! ! !

The charging is also very fast, there is a PD60w + mains dual charging mode~

If you need an emergency, there is an outdoor power supply in your hand, which is not too cool, and you don’t have to worry about running out of power to save it.

Super long battery life, super worry-free, as long as there is sunlight outdoors, you can replenish the power anytime and anywhere through the solar panel, so that your outdoor will be uninterrupted!

It can be powered at the same time, multiple devices can be used at the same time, and there are too many jacks, so the family does not have to rush to charge. .

I have been worried about whether it will be heavy before, but I found out that a girl’s hand is completely ok~

I mainly use it to watch movies, with a projector, it’s cool

Essential Romantic Atmosphere Pack

  1. Camping Lights/Wind Rope
  2. String lights – it can be used when it gets dark
  3. Scented candles
  4. Coffee/Tea Maker
  5. Picnic Basket

Essential Tools Widget Pack

  1. Tool hammer (it’s too convenient to pull ground nails)
  2. Spare ground nails
  3. Sleeping bag/small blanket
  4. Small flashlight/headlight

You must eat a good food bag when you go out

  1. Cassette furnace
  2. Saucepan / Wok / Rotisserie
  3. Plates/cups
  4. Outdoor picnic tableware
  5. Breakfast toaster
  6. Seasoning ingredients oil salt sauce vinegar
  7. Cutting board
  8. Kitchenware – cooking spatula
  9. Picnic Knives
  10. Gas Tank
  11. Igniter/Solid Alcohol
  12. Kettle
  13. Folding vegetable washing bucket

BBQ ingredients

To have fun, you must eat happily first, especially a foodie like me~

Record the beautiful digital package

  1. Camera + tripod
  2. Drones
  3. PAD
  4. Charging cable + charger
  5. Power bank
  6. Power Bank

Small medicine box

  1. Bundy
  2. Easy Bit
  3. Zhenglu pill
  4. Critan
  5. Green herbal paste
  6. Cold medicine
  7. Alcohol cotton
  8. Yunnan Baiyao

pet bag

  1. Pet picnic mat
  2. Car pet cage
  3. Food bowl + water bowl
  4. Tow rope
  5. Pet Light

West Hiking®

West Hiking®

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