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what’s your camp tent water-proof level?

Falling in love with a way of life seems to have become the consensus of many people today. Among those who really realize this abstract concept, campers can be described as pillars, and they firmly implement the lifestyle of going camping all year round.

For campers, apart from their family members and friends, the best companions are tents.

A tent that shelters from the wind and rain like a house and faithfully provides shelter for the camper is the camper’s home outdoors, so functionality is critical, such as waterproofing.

Is my tent waterproof? Can it prevent light rain or heavy rain? This is probably the question that haunts the minds of campers the most, and today we will talk about it.

  1. Where does the waterproofness of the tent come from?

The waterproofness of the tent is mainly completed by the outer tent, and the outer tent has a double-layer structure:

  1. High-density, tear-resistant, lightweight fabric;
  2. On the outside of the fabric, apply a layer of water-repellent coating to make the fabric have a lotus leaf effect, that is, the water droplets roll down the fabric without entering the inside of the fabric.

In this way, the tent is waterproof.

Second, the waterproof coating is divided into several types?

Commonly used tent waterproof coatings can be divided into the following categories:

  1. PVC coating

The waterproof effect is good, but it will become brittle and hard in severe cold weather, so it should be used in high temperature seasons.

  1. PU coating

After coating, the fabric feels plump and elastic, the surface has a film feel, and the effect of preventing (rain) water is good, and it will not become brittle and hard even in severe cold weather.

  1. Silicone coating

It has good temperature resistance, waterproof effect, and light weight, of course, the price will be more expensive.

  1. PTFE film

It is a waterproof, windproof and breathable film that can be attached to the fabric to form a new windproof and waterproof fabric (like a jacket), breathable, waterproof, light weight, wear-resistant and durable, but the price is quite expensive, and there are generally fewer tents use.

  1. How to determine the waterproofness of the tent

The waterproof (rain) water function of the tent can be measured by the waterproof index. The waterproof index of the tent is also the water pressure resistance, which refers to the hydrostatic pressure on the unit area of ​​the tent fabric. The waterproof index is obtained through testing.

  1. Test method

During the test, first clamp the tent fabric sample to a circular kit with a diameter of about seven centimeters. The lower part of the kit is a system that can pressurize the water. This is to determine how much water pressure it takes to get water through the tent fabric. As the pressure continued to increase, the first drop passed through the tent sample, but this pressure was not the final result. The pressure value at this time was the final result until the third drop of water broke through the tent fabric sample.

  1. Interpretation of indicators

If the pressure value is 1200MM, it means that the tent has a waterproof capacity of 1200MM, that is, a water column pressure of 1.2 meters high can penetrate the water through the tent fabric.

Moreover, this indicator will be marked on the hangtag of the tent. Can you guys look at your tent to see what the waterproof index is.

Fourth, common waterproof indicators, and the corresponding rain size

Well, another friend asked, saying that I understand the above, but how much rain can my tent protect against?

  1. Tent with a waterproof index of 800MM-1200MM can prevent light to moderate rain;
  2. Tent with a waterproof index of 1500MM-3000MM can prevent moderate to heavy rain;
  3. Tents with a waterproof index of more than 3000MM are generally treated with technologies such as high temperature resistance/cold resistance, and can basically be used in various environments.

It can also be distinguished by tent type, such as:

  1. For leisure tents used in parks, the waterproof index should be within 1000MM;
  2. The waterproof index of family camping tents should be above 2000MM;
  3. The waterproof index of the alpine tent is above 5000MM.

Seeing this, do you guys know more about the waterproofness of tents? When camping, you won’t be afraid even if it rains a little, and you can enjoy the beauty of nature in the rain!

West Hiking®

West Hiking®

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